on writing


There was a point, several years ago, when I lost my ability to write.

I am an extremely visual person, which gives me the ability to do the work that I do in the design field-- and yet writing is something I cannot really live without.

In order to get back in touch with writing I have been working on a massive project-- editing the 900-some-odd posts on my former design and lifestyle blog with the hopes of turning it into a book.  

I find editing to be calming and meditative-- reminding me of where I was at different moments during the 4 years that I routinely wrote that blog (which you can see here).   And, of course, I am hoping that the editing will lead somewhere-- I have a goal for the end of the project-- but for now I am just enjoying getting back in touch with a part of myself that had seemed lost.

in the meantime there is design-- and this photo of a little bit of architecture that I got to practice in my 'day job'.

I am very lucky.