home staging

I spent most of the last week staging this house-- which is for sale.  

Staging a house is a little bit of a strange experience for me.  I become totally immersed in the project-- I think about this house all the time for the several days or so that it takes me to complete the project-- and I go through an obsessive process of creating the feeling of home in a previously empty house.  

My own house falls into disorder and chaos while I focus all my attention on this other house-- and by the end of the week my feet and arms are sore, and I can be a little bit confused about where I actually live.  This was a fun one because the owners had beautiful things to use in the house, a great sense of color (I did not change any paint colors other than the floor in the upstairs), and because it was so close by I could easily take many small trips over with more things as I layered my composition of furnishings.   

I am also very, very lucky to live and work with an amazing photographer.   Check out all the photos here