design vignettes

 We all have different relationships to our homes. Some people get things the way they want them and never change them again.  Others prefer constant movement- they may even have a permanent collection of items that rotate through the special spots in their rooms.

I have long been a fan of the vignette- a little moment, a partial story- that combination of things in a corner of a room that just feels right.  The rest of the room may be a mess, but this little picture is a place for my eye to rest in the midst of the chaos.   In my house the vignettes are made up of items collected or made over time.  Together they tell a little story of our lives. I will admit that my vignettes change over time- this one was in our bedroom for a few months, and the pieces are now in different parts of our house, in new versions of this vignette.

Fortunately Dean moves things around as much as I do!