working at home

these days we all ‘work’ at home.  we may spend our days doing the job we do for money from home, or we may take home some paperwork from our job, or we may just simply pay our bills online once a month– maybe we are writing a novel–  but we all need some sort of home work station.  whether we have a room at home to work in– or a desk in the corner– it needs to serve all sorts of purposes.  it needs to be organized, it needs to have space for a printer, storage for office supplies, a surface for a computer and notebooks– whatever it is that we need to do the work we need to do.

but over and above all that our home workspaces need to be beautiful.  that space is where we take care of business– where we make important things happen. even if all we do there is pay bills– we need that space to be welcoming and inspiring space.

when working with clients on their home workspaces i ask questions– lots of them.  i ask about their physical needs for the space.  AND i ask about what things we can put there that will make them feel represented and excited about being in that space.  a meaningful piece of art, or a newspaper clipping make all the difference.  color is extremely important– but that doesn’t mean you have to paint the whole room– what color is your desk?  your chair?  what color are the pieces on the wall in front of you?  good lighting, the right desk height, and a comfortable chair are all key ingredients to making your home workspace really work.

have fun with it– work should be fun.